Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Updated Reel

I know that have been ages since my last update, so to compensate a little bit, here it is my demoreel with my work on Smurfs 2 and Cloudy 2.
Plus a little animation i did just to have fun animating something cartoon :)

Animation Reel 2013 from Ernesto Esteso on Vimeo.

Warden from Ernesto Esteso on Vimeo.

I hope you like it!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Minor update...

Yeap, just to say that after finishing my work on Smurfs 2, project that i enjoyed a lot. I´m going to animate on:

Here´s the first trailer of the movie

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A few changes.....

Wow! It has been more than a year since my last update in this blog.

A few things has changed.

The first thing is that I finished my work as lead animator on Justin & The Knights Of Valour. It has been a very great experience, where i learned a lot of things from some of the best people i ever known. I spent five years working there, and I've grown as animator like in any other place i've worked before.

But life goes on, and I moved to Vancouver to work for Sony Pictures Imageworks, as an animator on the film Smurfs 2. The place is full with talented people and I hope to learn tons of things from them, and maybe, hopefully, put a little bit of me in here.

I hope to write a little bit more in the future...but i cannot promise anything :)

In the meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of Justin and the Knights Of Valour, and the Smurfs 2 Trailer.

Until the next one!!.

Justin & The Knights Of Valour_Trailer

Smurfs 2_Trailer

Saturday, December 24, 2011

First look at the characters of Justin...

Yes, it seems that a few weeks ago, this image came out with some of the characters of the film "Justin & The Knights Of Valour"

The guy with the sword and the green costumes is the main character, Justin :)

Your thoughts?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Justin And The Knights Of Valour

This is the official title for the movie I'm working on Kandor Graphics

Here you can see more infromation Timeless

And this is the first Image

I hope I can post more things soon :)

P.D: Oh my god!! More than a year without any updates in this blog!!...... I'm ashamed :(

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fred Moore

.....I don't know if you knew something about this page, but lately I was searching drawings, animations, interviews, anything about Fred Moore (one of my favourite animators of all time), and I found this awesome blog about him.

Fred Moore's Archive

Check this other blog (the author of Fred Moore's blog), is a great artist too!! ^^

Pedro Daniel


No se si conocerías esta página, pero ultimamente estaba buscando dibujos, animaciones, entrevistas sobre Fred Moore (uno de mis animadores favoritos de todos los tiempos), y encontré este blog sobre él

Fred Moore's Archive

Mirad este blog también (del autor del blog de Fred Moore), un gran artista!! ^^

Pedro Daniel

Friday, March 12, 2010

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