Friday, March 16, 2007

New Ratatouille Trailer!!!!! (with chinese subtitles ^^)

UPDATE: As you can imagine, the video has been removed from Youtube. This time they were very fast :-P. I hope that a lot of you saw the video, if not........don't worry, I'm sure that in a few weeks they will release another one ^^

At least, We can see a new poster :P

Yeap, Watch it before Pixar-Disney, take out the trailer from youtube ;)

Or this link, if the above video don't work-------> Ratatouille

P.D: My opinion? Excellent like always. My only question........ Why the american or european trailers for these movies, are not like the oriental trailers.......they explain much more about the film, and makes you a more clear idea how the film will be?.

Well, enjoy it ;)


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