Sunday, September 30, 2007


I finally can put online some of the works I did through the last year.

At Keytoon, we made a shortfilm of the famous Veggietales series. This shortfilm is a part of the DVD called "God Made You Special".

It was an interesting project that I think the final product has some really good points, like the illumination, or why not, the animation :P

I put in here some of the shots I did ;)



Ok, some photos.

I did, this last summer, a great trip with my very good friends Dani,Jor,Manu and Sonia. It was awesome all the things we saw there.

We visit in just a week, three big cities. Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

I just have a few photos, because I lost a lot of them when my computer crashed. But well, at least I have a few of them......

If you want to see some more photos, you can view it here part_01, here part_02, and here part_03 ;)


What's going on!!!!????

Yeah......I was lost lately, but I have some excuses ^^

First, I have a new job, as senior animator, at Kandor Graphics, working in my first movie The Myssing Lynx (yuhuuu!!!).

While I was at Keytoon, I learned a lot from my bosses, and workmates, it was an awesome year there. I worked in a very interesting projects and I met a very talented people, thanks to everybody :)

But life's go on, and I moved to Granada (a small but absolutely beautiful city). I enter into an amazing team of people, that work very hard, to make this movie possible. I know we can do it ;)

Tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow :p ....I will update the blog with some new works I did, and maybe with some photos.

Well, until then.......... cheers!!