Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New spanish films....

Seems like Filmax Animation is growing a lot in the last few years. They start with a decent film "El Cid, The Legend", and since then, they don't stop to produce and create one film after another.

Their new films, for the upcoming years, are very interesting products, and two of them in 2D!!!! (arrghh, I was praying for the return of the 2D animation, and seems like the guys of Filmax heard me....... ^_^ )

Mr.Collieu ----> Form the directors of Nocturna. The story seems very original, and the animation is pretty well done, plus the awesome design of the characters. I can't wait to see this movie.

And the Trailer

, will be the first of this films, in to be released, hopefully. I love the design of the characters, and the animation. So, I hope, that this film wiil be a hit in the theaters.


The last of the films, Filmax is producing, is Donkey Xote. They show us the typical story, told through the eyes of Rucio (Sancho's donkey). This time the film will be in 3D, and in the trailer, they show us a very beautiful backgrounds, hopefully, the story will be good as well.


P.D: Oh, I worked on the game of this last movie, so I hope that in no time I can be able to show you some of the animations I did. :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Coming Soon!!!.......

..... Yeah!. In no time, will be able to watch, the new work we made in the studio. I've not participated directly on this, because I'm working in other project, but I can swear you,that the work of my coworkers is absolutely awesome.

Take a look at ---> Keytoon

More news, soon!! ;)


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Flushed Away.

At last this movie has been released in my country, here they call it "Ratonpolis"............I've never understood why in my country translate the titles of the movies in this weird way.............

Well, I left the theater with a big smile in my face, because this time the movie is good, very good. The principal mistake in this animated movies is the story. But this time we are talking about Aardman, and like in Wallace & Gromit, the story is simple, but is told in a marvelous way. I never thought, that the movie is boring or not interesting, nooooooooo, the movie is full of ingenious and ironic gags, and I was hooked for the full movie. The characters are very well definite, and I loved the character of Rita, an independent but very charming character, I simply loved it. The funniest character/s for me were without doubts, "Le Frog", and his gang of frogs, they were simply awesome characters with the most funny animation I see in the last year. :)

In the other hand, the slugs (the characters that Dreamworks sold us as the "funny" characters of the movie)..............well, for me they are funny, the first two times that they show us, but the other 100 times they are............I don't know...........typical??..........well, I guess it's me....but I don't like them.

The technical aspects.........blowed me away. The animation is awesome, full of marvelous poses for the characters, and they catch, very good, the "stop-motion" style for the body and the lipsync. Very good work :)

In a few words........The movie is a very good movie......for me is better than "Ice Age 2", "Over The Hedge" and "Open Season", and funnier, but not better, than "Cars" (sorry, I'm a "pixar-freak".... ^_^)

If you have the opportunity, don't lose it, and go to see it on theaters, I can swear you, that you are gonna have a very good time ;)

Flushed Away

P.D: Thanks a lot to Sonia & Manu, for their help with my english. I love you guys!! ;)


Monday, November 27, 2006

I know, I know........

I know, that ultimately I don't update this blog very often..........and I know that I don't have any excuses, but............the only thing I can say, is that we have a lot of work at Keytoon, that's reminds me, that we've created a little blog, where we are planning to put all the crazy stuff we do, to relax ourselves. Take a look ;)

Keytoon Team

So, when I arrive to my home, the only thing that I'm doing, is playing Kingdom Hearts 2, an awesome game, that I recommend to everyone who loves Disney, Square, and good games. The story is simply astonishing, and the animation very, very good. I'm in the beginning of the game, but I'm completely hooked. :)

In other things, David Llopis, has updated his blogs, and he puts there a lot of animation resources. You can see it at--------> Llopis Animation Blog

Ok. Until the next update..................maybe in a year or two :-P

Monday, October 16, 2006

Pixar's new short!!

Yeah, at the Chicago International Film Fest Pixar has showed his latest shortfilm..... Lifted!

This time the story is about aliens, abductions, and sleeping farmers. If you wanna know something more about the shortfilm, you just have to read the extensive review that Ain't It Cool News has made about the film. Warning: spoilers inside!!!

And here are two images of the short.

The poster:

And an image of the young alien:

Enjoy it!


Monday, October 09, 2006

Navone's Tutorial

I know, that this tutorial has been released, by Victor, a few weeks ago, but until now, I had not be able to take a deeper look at it........... and I think it's pure gold!!!

Seriously, you have to take a look at this awesome tutorial. It clarifys some aspects of how to use the classic principles of animation in a short shot of just 10 frames. There you have a clear explanation of how and why to use the squash & stretch (in a subtle way), the arcs , the overlaps on the eyebrows, the I said, pure gold!!

Here's the link ---> Navone's Tutorial



Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just a little update......

Yeah.......just a little update, making new links in my friends section, to some of the coworkers in Keytoon.

I added some links to a few more blogs, I usually see through the day. You can find them, under the "links" section.

Until the next update ;)


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back to the normality (more or less)

Ok, at least I fixed the old posts. You can access to them by the "Previous Posts" section, under my "links" section.

You can't post any comments in the olds posts, but anyways, if you want to post some comments, just write in the newest post ;)

Well, from now on, all will work nicely........ I Hope :P


Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Few Problems

I've been having some problems with the blog these days..... I'm not sure how, but it seems that I deleted the old blog from blogger, and i lost all the old posts.

Right now, I'm trying to recover all this posts (they aren't necessary, but I'd like to have they).

Well, back to work. Hopefully in a few days, all will be back to normality