Saturday, December 02, 2006

Flushed Away.

At last this movie has been released in my country, here they call it "Ratonpolis"............I've never understood why in my country translate the titles of the movies in this weird way.............

Well, I left the theater with a big smile in my face, because this time the movie is good, very good. The principal mistake in this animated movies is the story. But this time we are talking about Aardman, and like in Wallace & Gromit, the story is simple, but is told in a marvelous way. I never thought, that the movie is boring or not interesting, nooooooooo, the movie is full of ingenious and ironic gags, and I was hooked for the full movie. The characters are very well definite, and I loved the character of Rita, an independent but very charming character, I simply loved it. The funniest character/s for me were without doubts, "Le Frog", and his gang of frogs, they were simply awesome characters with the most funny animation I see in the last year. :)

In the other hand, the slugs (the characters that Dreamworks sold us as the "funny" characters of the movie)..............well, for me they are funny, the first two times that they show us, but the other 100 times they are............I don't know...........typical??..........well, I guess it's me....but I don't like them.

The technical aspects.........blowed me away. The animation is awesome, full of marvelous poses for the characters, and they catch, very good, the "stop-motion" style for the body and the lipsync. Very good work :)

In a few words........The movie is a very good movie......for me is better than "Ice Age 2", "Over The Hedge" and "Open Season", and funnier, but not better, than "Cars" (sorry, I'm a "pixar-freak".... ^_^)

If you have the opportunity, don't lose it, and go to see it on theaters, I can swear you, that you are gonna have a very good time ;)

Flushed Away

P.D: Thanks a lot to Sonia & Manu, for their help with my english. I love you guys!! ;)



Anonymous said...

Vaya, qué sorpresa! Estas en keytoon ahora...y yo que te hacía todavía en Madrid...
Luis de los A

- EE - said...

Que tal Luis?...... Me alegra oir de ti. Como te van las cosas? Sigues por Animation Mentor, o lo acabaste ya?

Un saludo :)