Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New spanish films....

Seems like Filmax Animation is growing a lot in the last few years. They start with a decent film "El Cid, The Legend", and since then, they don't stop to produce and create one film after another.

Their new films, for the upcoming years, are very interesting products, and two of them in 2D!!!! (arrghh, I was praying for the return of the 2D animation, and seems like the guys of Filmax heard me....... ^_^ )

Mr.Collieu ----> Form the directors of Nocturna. The story seems very original, and the animation is pretty well done, plus the awesome design of the characters. I can't wait to see this movie.

And the Trailer

, will be the first of this films, in to be released, hopefully. I love the design of the characters, and the animation. So, I hope, that this film wiil be a hit in the theaters.


The last of the films, Filmax is producing, is Donkey Xote. They show us the typical story, told through the eyes of Rucio (Sancho's donkey). This time the film will be in 3D, and in the trailer, they show us a very beautiful backgrounds, hopefully, the story will be good as well.


P.D: Oh, I worked on the game of this last movie, so I hope that in no time I can be able to show you some of the animations I did. :)

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