Monday, July 02, 2007

Just a Few Updates

Yeap!. Just a minor updates.

I added my last animation into the demoreel, you can see it in my Animations section.

I make a new section with my resume in two formats (pdf and microsotf word)

And finally, I added the links of some friends (Edu & Jor), just take a look ;)

I hope to have something new to post soon!!!



JoR said...

Grate dude! You will get something grate with this show!!!
Goood luck my dear friend and master!

Ernesto Schutz said...

Good luck :)

suazo3d said...


Very good reel! I hope you had good luck with it. Sure ;)

Thanks for adding me!


Animartin said...

Hi Ernesto!! So long dude! I´m coming back to Madrid in the end of august, so if u r going to the capital sometime just tell me!
I´ve been looking into all the blogs you keytoon people have, and I´ve thougth... Im gonna make my own blog, my Animartin blog, will keep you updated.

- EE - said...

Thanks for your kind comments, guys!!!!

Hey Martin, what's up??.
Yeah, it's been a while, since our last meeting. End August, you say?. Well, in that time, I will be back from Siggraph, so, yeah I'll go to Madrid, to see you, and drink some beers ;)

I'll take a look at your blog, for sure ^.^