Friday, December 07, 2007

James Baxter......The God.

Oh my god!! I just read this in Victor Navone's blog, and I can't resist to share this with you. The astonishing work, done by James Baxter's studio, on the film Enchanted.

Absolutely inspiring. Seeing this, I only can pray for the return of the good 2d animation, and the classic fairytales.......I just, miss them so much...snifff.

Enjoy this little piece of art.



toni reyna said...

madre mia...
Cuando vi le peli alucine...ya se podian poner ha hacer una pelicula a esa calidad todo en 2d , es una pasada.Donde hayan cosas asi que se quite el 3d...un saludo tio!

Alfo_O said...

Is Super!. :)
Hi ErnestooooOoooOooo how are u?:P.