Thursday, June 12, 2008

At last an animation!!!

I know this isn't the most updated blog, but you know..........I'm a busy man (more lazy than busy, hehe)

I finally finished a new animation. I've got the audio from the february contest of 11secondclub, but I could not finish the animation on time, and after a long time waiting, I got some extra time to finish it.

I hope you like it, and every comment you want to make me, will be very welcome ^_^

If you want to see the animation with better resolution, click here


Anonymous said...

Muy buena animaciĆ³n Ernesto, lastima que no la acabaras a tiempo, era ganadora fijo.
Tendrias que haber iluminado algo mas contrastado hay algunos poses de brazos que no se leen muy guay, pero vamos esta brutal, un nivel muy alto, como en todas tus animaciones.

Un saludo,


Manuel Bover said...

Hey neng!! animaci'on esta bioen...pero ya sabes lo k te digo!...

No me seas tan perro y curratelo k sino me veo solo aki en LA !!